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 Industrial Automation 

We have the experience and ability to automate all of your equipment. We have completed projects ranging from large manufacturing plants to small single pump system. We have experience in Boilers, Dryers, DA's and Heater controls.

System Integrator

We are a complete system Integrator. All brands of SCADA, HMI, & PLC'S programmed to meet your specific applications. We also provide custom application and small to large DCS.


We provide tuning for Boilers, Dryers & Heaters. Wether it be propane, oil, natural gas, landfill gas, wood, large or small, we can tune them all.


Instrument calibration and start-up services on various instruments. All calibration equipment is provided.  Offering this service allows us to provide complete turn-key services on projects.

Custom Panel Shop

Customized solutions for your unique needs, our custom panels are shop tested prior to shipment.

We provide:

  • Custom Applications

  • Enclosure Modifications

  • Small to Large Applications


Complete Controls Services LLC is Located in Omaha NE at the heart of the Midwest. CCS is experienced in all phases, from concept through completion. As well as control system design for distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA systems, loop controllers, Human Machine interface (HMI), and system integration of all necessary components to complete the project. We offer turn-key systems for all aspects of controls.


In today's tight and competitive market, people are searching for ways to improve plant performance. Automation can often pay for itself in a short amount of time and improve productivity. We offer all sizes of automation designs, from PLC's to large DCS systems.

We are a complete systems integrator with the experience and ability to automate all of your equipment. We collect and report data from your operations and provide interface with your business systems. We are involved in the calibration, loop tuning, instrument repair, field modifications, and efficiency testing on new and existing systems. The capacity we have serviced range from 10,000 Lbs/Hr up to 300,000 Lbs/Hr; either firing gas, oil, coal, wood, waste oil, or a combination of each.








For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (833) 227-2886 or fill out the following form


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